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Welcome to Fanartic.

The colors, belonging, atmosphere, history and passion captured in time. For and by the true fanatics. We provide you with photos and artwork from your favourite club – for and by the real fans. The fanatics. No matter the country, division or success of the club – we know that special times are captured and this is your chance to paint the walls or the office with such moments. Your favourite moments from the greatest game on earth.

Art it up

Explore our selection of football inspired art pieces and designs. These are prints by our friend Christian from Germany.

“It’s football where I come from.”

Peter O’Toole is probably the first artist that comes to mind when it comes to football inspired art. From his brilliant work with some massive clubs to his appreciation for sneaker and casual culture, O’Toole’s is an icon amongst football artists.

Joakim Hall

Joakim Hall has spent the majority of his life following and for more than a decade – documenting AIK Stockholm. On the pitch and off the pitch, during the season and off season. He has gained a big following for his dedication to AIK related pictures. With Fanartic you are now able to make these images a part of your home and your life.


Butcha has travelled the world capturing football of all divisions, leauges and supporter groups. Basen in Germany – the passion for the sport and grasshopping between stadiums has taken Butcha as far as South America. Enjoy the creativity, make it a part of your home and look out for more from this photographing powerhouse.

Spread your colors – and your work!

We get paid when you get paid. Let the world see your best photographs that capture your club and it’s culture. Fanartic gives you the chance to have your photos documenting your club, become artwork and posters all over the world. We welcome all clubs and all countries. But most importantly, this is the voice of the real fanatics that live the sport – you don’t have to be an well paid sportsphotographer from the press to use and sell your artwork at Fanartics. It is about the moments in front of the lens – not the name of the photographer behind it.